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PostSubject: Fighting   Fighting I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 3:39 pm

Hey people it's me Vaash, I would like to talk about fighting in this forum pretty much. Well people may like to fight a lot because they think they are invincible or something and power post all the time and god mod a lot. Which I am pretty sure a lot of people here don't really like and guess what I'm one of those people. I just don't wanna fight people who just powerpost all the time ore godmod, like lets say that somehow I managed to get my blade's tip to their throats and somehow this is what happens

"Suddenly dust surrouds the battle field and (gonna refer the ennemy of Vaash as LOLZ) LOLZ was laughing behind Vaash, this was too easy for him, he was only a 6th seat while Vaash was a Lieutenant. Must be weak he though and managed to getting behind and point out the tip ofhis blade to Vaash's neck."

OK... how the hell did dust appear? How did he see through the dust? How did he get there so fast? He is a 6th seat agasnt a Lieutenant -.- Vaash's ranking is way too high for a 6th seat to be abkle to beat him. Those are things I really dont want to see, first of all it's boring, thinking that he can just power post or godmod his way out. There should be something done if something like that happens e.e Maybe mods and admins view the fights and make sure everythings alright or something, and also if a person was talking then threw attack at the victim and the victim just responded, shouldn't the attack hit automatically?

Share your opinions please.
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