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 Kageri, Vaash's Zanpakutou.

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Kageri, Vaash's Zanpakutou. Empty
PostSubject: Kageri, Vaash's Zanpakutou.   Kageri, Vaash's Zanpakutou. I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 6:09 pm

Name: Kageri

Manifestation: To most people, the inner world of Kageri could prove to be a frightening place. The land scape seems to be an endless pain of glass that has been shattered and even collapsed in numerous places. With the surface being so jagged and chipped, walking becomes a painful labor. With each square inch being just as sharp as the last, there is no place to rest one's bleeding feet. The ground clearly reflects the visitors whom look down upon it, although with a much more sinister and disfigured appearance. This horrendous landscape is hidden from view however, and covered with a thick blanket of purely black fog. One can look in any direction and within five feet of themselves, their vision is swallowed in darkness. Chunks of molten glass seem to rain down constantly in the area, and one must dodge them or find themselves with horrible burns. The sparks created as they crash into the surface, along with their burning glow are the only sources of light beyond the spectral bloom that follows Zenpyou around.

One would find it quite fitting that such a strange place has an occupant such as Kageri's spirit. To describe Kageri's physical appearance would prove to be a near impossibility as it has no true shape and seems to have more in common with a shadow than anything else. Kageri crawls across the landscape as a blanket of darkness, unphased by the sharp edges of the terrain as the spirit is nothing more than a shadow. Seemingly incapable of moving into the 3rd dimension unless leeching off of Zenpyou's own shadow, Kageri always seems to stay flat to the ground. Upon taking hold of Zenpyou's shadow, Kageri is capable of rising off from the ground and then take any shape it so chooses.

Kageri is a rather cruel spirit that often disregards the fact that its life is linked to Zenpyou's and in a childish attempt to taunt the shinigami, it will often take on the form of Zenpyou's mother with a rather dark robe and hood that always keeps the left side of her face hidden. Kageri does not hesitate to point out any and all of Zenpyou's flaws when it comes to his fights or Zenpyou himself. The spirit seems to take great joy in mocking Zenpyou for his rather “bland” and light personality. Instead of referring to him by name, Kageri often calls him “Satsu”, short for satsugaisha (murderer).

Release Phrase: Show yourself... Kageri!

Owner: Rosuto, Zenpyou

Level: Shikai

Family: Shadow/Darkness



Zenpyou's sealed Zanpakutou is rather generic in appearance, with very little that sets it apart from other swords. The only truly unique characteristic is the size and shape of the blade. With a design that more resembles that of a wakizashi or ninjato than a katana, the blade is rather short at only two feet in length. Beyond that, the blade, like most others, was fabricated out of a strong steel with a faded polish.The tsuka, much like the wielder is monochrome and lacks contrast. With most of it covered by cross braided silk, one can barely see through to the finely polished ebony hilt. The end cap is nothing more than a piece of metal wrapped crudely around the bottom with a short piece of silk strong through the center, providing a “tail” of sorts.Being the only golden piece of the blade, the tsuba has a round shape with numerous crescent moons and stars cut out of it in a spiraling pattern from the center. The outer rim of the guard has numerous small spikes aligned side by side, allowing Zenpyou to produce a rather nasty blow if able to strike the opponent.

The scabbard for the blade seems to be made of a more artificial material, such as a fine plastic or carbon. One can easily see their own reflection in the mirror like black finish. Zenpyou keeps the hilt mounted at the back of his waist, horizontally, to provide him with quick access to the blade.


Taking on a much more primitive appearance, Zenpyou's blade now has a thicker back side to the blade while the tip comes to a much sharper point, giving it a much higher piercing ability than its unsealed state. The blade itself is apparently made of slightly translucent, black obsidian and the actual cutting edge is much more jagged, with razor sharp grooves and chips along it, giving it a rather abused appearance. Despite the fact that it's apparently been used extensively, the blade has a near mirror like quality and reflects most everything around it quite clearly, albeit with a much darker and shadowy tone.
The tsuba is virtually none existent as it seems that Kageri has become nothing more than a long and slender blade of rock. The “hilt” of the blade is maintains the silk wrapping, but it has now been crudely wrapped around the black handle. A hole has been drilled into the end of the hilt, where a short length of chain has been attached.

Zanpakutou Abilities

-”Kage Kugi”- (Shadow Nail)

A rather unique ability that utilizes the actual spirit of Kageri more than Zenpyou himself, it can be used to limit an enemy's movements. If Zenpyou is able to take Kageri and stab it into an object's shadow, may it be a living being or not, the spirit of Kageri is capable of corrupting the shadow and bending it to its will. The shadow of an enemy is incapable of escaping the tip of Kageri, meaning that their mobility will be heavily hindered. As if an invisible force field surrounds them, the enemy can only move in a certain direction as long as Kageri remains within the area of their shadow. The spirit can also corrupt the shadow of an enemy if the tip of Kageri enters a target's shadow, meaning it could be used in a similar fashion to a mine. The corruption can also spread to up to six different shadows that happen to overlap the originally corrupted shadow. The ability has a rather obvious weakness. If the tip of Kageri is removed from the ground in any way, the target will be freed. If there were a bright enough light to eliminate the target's shadow, or at least move it out of range of the tip of Kageri, they would also find themselves effectively freed.


None yet?

Interesting Zanpakutou for a peaceful guy like Vaash ^_^
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Kageri, Vaash's Zanpakutou.
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