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 Shikyaxe Victor [SHINIGAMI]

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PostSubject: Shikyaxe Victor [SHINIGAMI]   Shikyaxe Victor [SHINIGAMI] I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 6:28 am

(I am Victor Shikyo, from the old site)

Name: Shikyaxe, Victor

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Visual Age: 18

Race: Shinigami

History: Victor was born in a hut, out in the forest. Over there he had been taken care of his mother and father. His Mother usually took him to town to practice Karate. Back then he was weak, he couldn't hit really hard, he was slow, and he had very bad aim. Which made him into a really bad fighter, he usually cried whenever he lost a match but as soon as his Mother and Father came to pick him off, he would smile and laugh. He walks towards them and they go back, every day at Karate practice it would be the exact same, most people over there thought him of as a wimpy kid but Victor didn't really care. All he cared for was his parents. He always felt safe with them wherever he would go, because of them he wouldn't quit at anything he would keep trying his all. Eventually as the years flew by, Victor became much better at Karate practice, he even takes Kung-fu now just because he wanted to learn how to protect his parents. Victor became a lot stronger, he always manages to beat his opponent and he always helped them go back on their feet.

One day, a few students who were older then Victor but much weaker wanted revenge because Victor had damaged their pride. They couldn't believe how a young guy like him can beat them up, so they decided to kill him and his family. They knew exactly where they lived, so finding them wouldn't be much of trouble. A few hours had passed and they were standing in front of Victor's home, one of the guys thought that they shouldn't be doing this, that it just shows that Victor just has more skill then them. The leader, plunged a knife into the guy who said that and twisted it and then he pushed the guy down and left him there with a knife in his chest. He asked the others if they had anything to say before they do this, nobody said a word so the leader guy said with a little smile good.

The leader guy took out sticks of wood, since Victor's house is in the woods they would have an unlimited number of wood. The leader decided to lit the wood on fire and just throw it at their house, the others did as they're leader. As a few seconds had passed, Victor's home began to burn, his parents automacly saw what they were doing but they were too concerned about Victor since they did come for him mostly. They put him in a cabinet and locked the door, there was another door behind Victor where he was Victor could get out. He wondered why his parents couldn't come with them, but he thought that if they just left with himself, those guys would follow them to the ends of the earth until he was killed. Victor knew what he had to do next, he had to get out if he wanted to live. He could beat them up if only they didn't brought guns with them. Victor was about to leave until he heard the scream of his parents.

Victor shed a tear and went off to escape. He got into town and told the police what had happened, and the police went to find them but they were gone, they searched the entire house but they found nothing but dust and ash. Ever Since Victor had stopped looking in the good of everybody, he got insanely stronger, faster because he wanted to find those guys and kill them himself. His parents were everything to himself, and they just died because of those guys. Victor stopped going to school, to karate, to kung-fu, to his friends. He didn't care about anything anymore but his revenge.

As years have passed, he became stronger and better at fighting. He thought to himself that he might as well go find them, they weren't in his hometown anymore. Victor decided to search the entire world just for the 8 people on his death list. It took him a couple of months to find them all but they all died, on the way he had learnt many languages for they had been hiding in different locations. He learnt different languages, cultures, religions, medicines and different animals.
He was happy, not because of his revenge on them but because he enjoyed killing them so much and so slowly. Victor found killing fun, he would go from town to town to only kill people. Years had passed like that and he became stronger, he gotten many wounds from many fights because they all used guns and weapons to try to kill Victor. But Victor kept on moving as he got wounded or shot by a bullet, which scared people a lot. Victor began to be known as "The Red Dreamer".

Eventually he had found himself a strong opponent, the battle lasted for quite a while and Victor was enjoying it. They both killed themselves, Victor killed the guy by just beating him pretty badly and Victor got killed because of a poison that he got infected by the guy. He didn't had time to find the correct medicine to get himself rid of the poison. The poison quickly paralyzed him ad started to attack his heart, he laid there as he awaited for his faith staring at the other guy. He smiled and he tried to tell him "Thanks". He told him Thanks mostly for the fight, but also to put him down Victor became obsessed with Killing but he didn't want to kill anymore, but thanks to that guy he couldn't kill anyone anymore or cause harm to anyone. (When someone fights Victor, he fights back but he gets send into a sort of frenzy preventing him from not killing his opponent).

As Victor awakened, he was surprised. He thought that the afterlife didn't exist, he thought that once your dead, you die. At first he thought that maybe he wasn't dead but he tried to talk to people but he didn't got a response, he walked through them. He told himself that he is probably a spirit or a ghost or something. But soon he met up with a gang of Hollows. He could take a few of them but the others were too strong for himself, as they were right about to eat his soul a shinigami appeared. It was the 1st Division's Captain and Vice-Captain, they defeated the Hollows then the captain performed a soul burial on Victor which sent him to Rukongai, 80th District.

Victor wanted to become as strong as that Captain, so he was training in Rukongai. He often stoled food from people and managed to get away most of the time. He fought with other spirits but he won all the time because they were so weak. Evenetually Captains were hearing about Victor, how he can easily take 1000 of those spirits best fighters, a 5th Seat Shinigami would have problems with that many but he easily fought and killed them recklessly. Because of that, Victor was sent to the Shinigami Academy just to see if he has what it takes. Turns out he did (he took lessons away from students), he didn't had perfect in everything but he was good at Zanjetsu and Hakudo above anything else and his only worst thing was Kidou. Victor was sent to the 10th Division and this is where our story begins.

Appearence: Victor has pale skin, due to because he doesn't like to get out very much but he isn't too pale but pale. He is slim, he weighs around 100 lbs. and his height is 5'8. His hair is Black as night and it goes down to his shoulders, it is kinda straight but in a good way. He wears glasses, but he usually has contacts because he doesn't like people to see him with glasses. He also has a rosary around his neck hanging out and he also has two Tattoo's one that is a dark colored dragon that covers most of his back and the other one who is colored red and covers the lower half part of his right eye and goes down to his chin. His eyes are light-blue in the day but they change to bright green at night probably because of the lens's and the missing level of light to show his true eye color. He has no long nails, they are rather short.

He wears a dark leather overcoat that goes down to the top of his dark leather shoes. The overcoat is closed at the top with strings and buttons attaching with another pair, it opens up at around his waist, which enables people to see a bit of his scrawny body. He has dark colored pants with only a single pocket on the right side of the location of the hip, he usually has his glasses, medical things such as pain killers, and a few kunais and other weapons in there but he usually zips it shut when he doesn't require them.

He wears Shinigami clothing with no sleeves which shows slightly muscular biceps, his front is usually open up to reveal his chest unless he is summoned to a meeting, then his Shinigami clothing in the front is closed/tucked in. His Shinigami clothing also has a hoody for Victor to wear when he doesn't really want to show his face.

Personality: Victor is a depressed person who is considered Emo by other people (he doesn't consider himself as a Emo) and he does not care about anything much, he does not like people with high voices and hates people who keep talking and wont shut their freaking mouth. Victor likes food but if he eats meat he will just keep wanting more. Victor's mind wonders of a-lot so sometimes even in a fight he wonders off in to his own little magic world. Victor still is nice to people if he sees something in them that he likes about but he can be very focused and he is smart when he is in a good mood but if he is in a bad mood he will just start cussing at you acting like you are a person who just killed his best friend. Victor likes only few people but the ones he like he gets along with very well. He likes the night but he really hates when people start to act bad at him.

Division: 10th Division
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Shikyaxe Victor [SHINIGAMI]
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