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 Tsuin Dangan

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PostSubject: Tsuin Dangan   Tsuin Dangan I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 11:35 pm

Name: Tsuin Dangan (Twin Bullets)

Manifestation: Tsuin Dangan Pbucket
White Twin: Kara, Black Twin: Sara

Release Phrase: Wake Up, Tsuin Dangan

Level: Bankai (First people on the sight get free bankai? Like before?)

Family: Air

Sealed: Tsuin Dangan Samurai3000katana

Released: Tsuin Dangan Ebonyivorymi4

Bankai: Tsuin Dangan Ma_ffviii_squalls_gunblade

Shiro Moya: (White Haze) I fire Kara and it disperses into the air making a deep fog that only I can see in, You can detect me if you listen carefully but It also masks my steps.
Uses: 5

Kuroi Moya: (Black Haze) I fire Sara a enourmus Exsplosion that drains her yet makes giant implosians that accur after the attack, It is Still a hard move to do.
Uses 3
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Tsuin Dangan
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