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 Ryuujin The Zanpaku-to of Sarrow

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PostSubject: Ryuujin The Zanpaku-to of Sarrow   Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:25 pm

name Japanese Ryuujin English translation Dragon King

Release phrase: I'm ready to heat this battle up. Fly Ryuujin.

Owner Sarrow Momochi
Level Bankai

Appearance Sealed


Banaki- I gain two of my shikai form swords that are super heated, wings made of fire, and a crown of fire.

Techniques 1. Dragon Inferno- Flames shoot from Ryuujin at my opponent

2.Dragon King's Assault- My speed increase for a short time and I deliver lots of slashes to my opponents body.

3.Dragon's Wings- I grow wings of pure fire for 5 turns.

4.Dragon of Flames- I fire a dragon made of pure fire at my opponent but once it is fired it has a mind of its own.

5. Dragon God Mode- In Bankai my wings and my crown disapear. My body becomes covered in Fire that doesn't burn me and increases the power of my attacks. My speed and power also increases

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuujin The Zanpaku-to of Sarrow   Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:27 pm

Clean it up. Fix capitalization, sepearate the things, etc.

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Ryuujin The Zanpaku-to of Sarrow
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